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New Student Orientation

Welcome!  During New Student Orientation, you will be meeting faculty, staff and fellow students; learning about campus; and officially become part of the Bentley Community — be prepared for a busy 48 hours. The Orientation team has been working hard and is so excited for you to come to campus.

As you prepare for Orientation, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes during Orientation. You will be exploring campus and involved in activities all three days. There are no events that warrant anything dressy.
  • The first meal provided by the program will be dinner on Sunday. Most meals will be catered or held in the cafeteria with a wide array of choices. Every effort will be made to accommodate those who have identified special dietary needs.
  • Please do not bring alcohol or other drugs; they cannot be consumed during this program. Do not take any if offered to you. Drug or alcohol use during the program could jeopardize your bright future at Bentley and it is just not worth it.
  • If your family will be attending Family Orientation, they will be on campus Tuesday.  

There are 2 Orientation sessions for New Students hosted in June. The sessions are identical; however we would like you to choose the date that works best with your schedule. The Orientation sessions are hosted on June 15th-17th and June 22nd- 24th. If you have questions about the Orientation program please stop by our table during Accepted Students Day or contact us directly.