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A major focus of our Orientation program is to welcome you to the academic community at Bentley. We will help you understand expectations, assimilate to the Bentley community, and explore all of the opportunities available to you.

Placement Exam

New first-year students must complete the Expository Writing placement essay before registering for classes. The deadline is midnight on June 3, 2015, so leave yourself enough time to take the assignment seriously. You may take all the time you need until the deadline to write and revise. Please note that all incoming first-year students must complete the placement essay regardless of potential exemption for AP, IB, or other advanced standing credit.

Remember that you must have completed the essay by the deadline of June 3 in order to register for classes at Orientation!

Here are the instructions for completing this task:

  1. Read “Against School” by John Taylor Gatto
  2. Write an essay in which you explain what the article “Against School” is about and   how Gatto supports his claims. Think of the readers of your essay as students about your own age who have not read the article. In analyzing the argument of the article, pay attention to Gatto’s use of evidence and reasoning and, finally, say whether or not you are persuaded. The length, how you state your thesis, and how you structure the body of the essay are up to you, but about 500 words will be sufficient. Write this essay in your own word processor and be sure to save the document.

    Click here to submit your essay.

The essay you write will not be graded. It will be used, along with other information, to help us choose the appropriate version of Expository Writing for you to take in your first year at Bentley.  At Bentley, we take writing very seriously—it is critical to your success in college and in your career—and we have developed several versions of the course to meet the needs and acknowledge the abilities of our students. Be assured that all sections of the course meet the requirement and carry full credit.

Questions regarding the Expository Writing requirement or placement essay:

Professor Bruce Herzberg
Director of Writing & Communication
Department of English & Media Studies
Phone: 781-891-2950

Questions regarding web links and technical matters:

Joe Nezuh, Academic Research Technologist
Academic Technology Center
Phone: 781-891-2547

Academic Schedule

On Registration Day, you will attend a presentation from the Academic Advising Center/Office of Academic Services team. This presentation will highlight the academic curriculum and provide you with information regarding the exploration of academic opportunities to help you make the most of your Bentley experience.

To review detailed information before you come to registration day, please review our Pre-Orientation Guides.