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Family Information

Congratulations on your student’s admission to Bentley University! We are eager to welcome you into our community and help you become aware of all the resources available to you and your student for the next few years.  

Please be advised that we have various opportunities for you throughout the summer to help you support your student during their transition to Bentley University, and provide you with valuable resources. Please refer to your students Transition Guide and the information below to participate in various opportunities throughout the summer. In addition, make sure that your student creates a family/guest log-in for you!


To begin your Bentley Family experience, you are invited to participate in an optional Online Orientation. This program will provide you with valuable resources to help support your student throughout their transition to campus.  You will receive an email with more details regarding log-in information.


Virtual webinars will be the next component of the summer experience. The two webinars will focus on the essential resources here at Bentley and will accompany an interactive webchat to ask any questions you may have with current staff. These webinars will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend the live event, you are welcome to view them at a more convenient time.  In addition there will be Welcome Events hosted throughout the United States to provide you with an opportunity to meet other Bentley Parents, current students and staff! We are excited to offer these events for our new families, but we do understand that the summer can be busy, so please know that they are optional. Please review your June newsletter for more details regarding final locations.


The final component of our family orientation will occur on August 24th, which is the formal start to the student orientation and campus welcome. Throughout the day we will offer a variety of opportunities for our family members. We will have 2 sessions with nationally known speaker--Michael Miller, a one stop space to handle any last minute tasks with offices across campus, a family reception, the parent chill zone, and you are invited to join us for our annual tradition of Convocation!

You will receive more information throughout the summer, but you are welcome to reach out to the Orientation staff at any point if you have any questions at or by calling 781-891-2271.

Orientation Videos

If you are interested in learning more information about our resources, please feel free to watch the videos below from last year's orientation:

Welcome, Student Needs and Student Life:
Campus Safety:
Student Health, Wellness, and Community Building:
Academic Support Services:
Conversation with the Vice President of Student Affairs:
Student Panel: