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Family Orientation

Congratulations on your student’s admission to Bentley University! We are eager to welcome you into our community and help you become aware of all the resources available to you and your student for the next few years.  

Orientation Videos

For families and friends who were unable to attend the Family Orientation, please feel free to low for more information: 

Welcome, Student Needs and Student Life:
Campus Safety:
Student Health, Wellness, and Community Building:
Academic Support Services:
Conversation with the Vice President of Student Affairs:
Student Panel:


What have Parents and Families have said About our Program:

  • Overall, the information provided at the orientation was very informative for both our student and ourselves. The staff was very helpful and friendly.
  • I thought the academic/course review was the most important and helpful segment to take away from the day - especially after we met back up with our son and headed home.  Having a better understanding of the course selection process and requirements really helped us have a great conversation with him because we understood the specifics of how the students were selecting courses. 
  • The Bentley staff was warm, welcoming and caring. Keep up this spirit!
  • Parent orientation was a very good experience.  It was helpful for parents to become part of the Bentley family.
  • Wonderful experience.  Great way to introduce parents to each other and share our dreams and fears for our kids. I feel much less anxious about the upcoming fall.  Thank you. 
  • Enjoyed the program quite a bit.  Feel that my son has picked an awesome and appropriate college for his needs.  Feel welcomed to inquire about anything that might concern me.
  • All of the morning sessions were highly informative, each of the speakers were very clearly familiar with their topics and demonstrated a passion for Bentley, the students, families, and co-workers.