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Academic Three-Credit Internship - Undergraduate

Student Eligibility for three -credit internships:

  • Approval of departmental internship coordinator prior to acceptance of internship
  • Junior-level or senior-level standing - see department guidelines for specific course prerequisites
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 (except for Finance which requires 2.7 and IDCC which requires 3.3)

Tuition:  All internships that are approved for credit will be assessed full tuition equivalent to a 3 credit course. Internship courses are subject to all tuition refund deadlines as well as the deadline policies for add, drop, and withdrawal.

Course requirements: Vary by department but usually include weekly journals, a term paper, and meetings with the internship coordinator. Minimum work hours are established by individual departments, ranging from a minimum of 12 hours per week for 12 weeks, to 35 hours per week for Fall, Spring, or Summer sessions. Internships last for one semester or through the entire summer academic session (Sessions I and II) and end when the semester or sessions end(s).

Maximum credits: Students may pursue a maximum of two 3-credit internships during their undergraduate program. Only one internship (3 credits) can be used toward your major field of study.

Registration: Students should register for an internship during the registration period and must register no later than the add/drop period of the semester during which the work is done unless otherwise approved by the Internship Coordinator. If you are working during the summer, you must officially register for a summer internship. Not all internships are considered credit-worthy and not all students qualify to pursue an internship for credit.  It is important that you meet with the appropriate internship coordinator to determine what sort of internship opportunity is available to you.








Karen Osterheld      

AAC 282    




Dennis Anderson      

SMI 402     




Jeffrey Livingston      

AAC 171    


English and Media Studies    


Liz LeDoux     

LIN 34     




Candy Bianco     

AAC 270      




Marc Stern     

AAC 127      




Terry Skelton

SMI  308     




Dennis Anderson     

SMI  400    


Global Studies/Government     

Joel Deichmann      

MOR 208    




Fred Tuffile      

AAC 286     




Ian Cross      

MOR 238    


Mathematical Sciences     


Emily Roth    

MOR 377   


Modern Languages      


Jane Tchaicha    

MOR 385    


Natural & Applied Sciences      

Greg Hall       

MOR 145    




Gary David      

MOR 179