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Interviewing Software Now Available - Free of Charge

Most people find interviews difficult or stressful. InterviewStream is a leading, interactive software tool that makes it easy to practice and re-practice your answers to today's most common and most difficult interview questions. And Alumni Career Services is pleased to announce that InterviewStream is now available free of charge to all of our alumni.

To get you started, the Alumni Career Services team has programmed seven practice interviews into the system specifically designed for alumni at various stages of their career. There are questions for the "over 40" set, questions for career changers, questions for those in the early stages of their careers, and questions for new graduates looking for their first job. In addition, we have selected what we think are the most challenging interviewing questions as well as questions designed to determine if you would be a good "fit" for the organization. Finally, we have compiled a set of behavioral interviewing questions designed for those who want to practice their "story telling" skills.

InterviewStream is customizable so be sure and let us know if there are questions and interview situations you would like for us to add.

Start polishing your interview skills today. It's fun and easy with InterviewStream.