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One-Credit Internship - Undergraduate

In cases where academic credit is sought, whether required by the employer/immigration or desired by the student, freshmen and transfer students will have the option of pursuing a one-credit Internship through Career Services.  Students interested in pursuing a three-credit internship must follow the Bentley faculty guidelines for Academic Credit Internships.

Student eligibility for the Career Development Internships CDI 101 & CDI 102:

  • Satisfactory completion of the Career Development Introduction Seminar (CDI 101) during the fall semester for transfer students and spring semester for first year students.
  • Students must be in good academic standing.
  • Approval of the internship by Undergraduate Career Services prior to acceptance of the internship.


Tuition for both CDI 101 and CDI 102 will be assessed upon enrollment in CDI 101 and thus incorporated into regular semester tuition. There is no incremental cost for enrollment into CDI 102.

Course requirements:

Include the completion of appropriate paperwork, final project, evaluations and a thank you note to the employer.  CDI 102 will be offered to only those students who have completed CDI 101.