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Academic Integrity

Bentley students and faculty are held to the highest standards of ethical behavior and moral conduct. Faculty are expected to adhere to Bentley’s Ethics policy and the ethics conventions of their disciplines. Each student is expected to abide by the Honor Code and to become familiar with the entire Academic Integrity System.

Christopher Beneke, Associate Professor of History, is serving as the Academic Integrity Director (AID), is responsible for the Academic Integrity Office, which reports to the Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility and is overseen by the Provost’s Office. The AID coordinates Bentley’s Academic Integrity System, working with departments, faculty, and student organizations across campus to implement proactive education and prevention programs and activities related to issues of academic integrity. Contact information is 781-891-2844 or

In addition to educational and prevention activities, the AIC also organizes and works with the Bentley’s Academic Integrity Board, advises students about the Academic Integrity Policy, oversees Academic Case Management (including meeting with students and faculty, investigations of suspected AI violations), and maintains electronic and paper files related to all academic integrity proceedings.

Bentley Academic Incident Report

The purpose of the Academic Incident Report is to report alleged violations of Bentley’s Academic Integrity System and is intended to be discussed between the professor (or reporting person) and the student. It contains the allegation(s) as well as the recommended sanction to be imposed. If the student does not agree with the allegations and/or the sanction, the student may request a Board hearing, which is made up of three faculty members and two students. Based on the hearing, the Board will make a determination as to guilt and an appropriate sanction. Please return this completed form to the Academic Integrity Administrator, Karen Hovsepian, Smith 417.

Academic Integrity Council

As part of Bentley's Academic Integrity System, the Academic Integrity Council (see page 67, Student Handbook) is a student-led organization dedicated to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity throughout the Bentley community. Advised by Les Waguespack, Bentley’s Academic Integrity Coordinator, the Council organizes educational activities, hosts events, and performs local outreach to raise awareness and facilitate communication surrounding academic integrity.