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Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement is intended to facilitate student appreciation of the importance of the greater community, which includes aspects of political participation, cultural awareness, and service with an emphasis on experiences that lie outside of Bentley. These three dimensions help students to better define and understand what it means to have an impact on society. They provide students with an opportunity to both learn from and give back to their communities.

[Please note that determination of acceptable service projects must be coordinated with and approved by Bentley’s Service-Learning Center.] 

  • Service-Learning Classes
  • Other service initiatives
    a. Projects with student organizations (e.g., Circle K, Habitat for Humanity)
    b. Non-Bentley/self-initiated service projects
    c. Volunteering through nonprofit organizations
  • Registering to vote
  • Working for a campaign
  • Internship with a local or state government
  • Voter registration drive
  • Member of a political club on campus
  • Attendance at a political event
  • Running for public office
  • Diversity-intensive classes
  • Organizing a cultural event
  • Member of a cultural club
  • Attendance at a Bentley cultural event
  • Attendance at a cultural event outside Bentley