Faculty Workshops

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Academic Integrity System Workshops

In support of Bentley's Academic Integrity System (AIS), Ellen Snedeker, Bentley's academic integrity coordinator, offers a series of workshops for faculty and students. The faculty workshops cover such topics such as: (1) preventing cheating in the classroom; (2) using Academic Incident Report forms; (3) assessments of cheating at Bentley; (4) AIS remedies and sanctions; and (5) general discussions on using the AIS system. The student workshops include individual sessions on: (1) study skills; (2) basic ethics; ethics and integrity in academia; (4) ethics and integrity in business; (5) ethics and integrity in personal life; and (6) personal reflections on developing one's character as a scholar. Dates for the workshops are announced via email and posted on MyBentley.


Business Ethics Teaching Workshops

Since 1991, our Center for Business Ethics, with ongoing corporate support, has sponsored a five-day workshop in which faculty from business and arts and sciences departments discuss business ethics and how ethics can be incorporated into their courses. Formerly referred to as the Gadfly program, the workshop involves presentations on ethical theory and its application in organizations, case analysis and discussion. Participants give presentations to the group on how they have or intend to focus on ethics within the context of their discipline and the courses they teach. There are currently more than 110 workshop "alumni" among the full-time faculty at Bentley, and the yearly workshop has been a significant catalyst for interweaving ethics throughout the entire curriculum. 

In 2004, the workshop went global, with visiting scholars from Budapest University (Hungary), the University of Pretoria (South Africa), the Norwegian School of Management (Scandia, Norway), York University (Toronto, Ontario), IAE (Argentina), Ecole de Management de Lyon (France), DePaul University (Chicago) and Western Washington University (Bellingham, Wash.) joining Bentley faculty.

In 2005, the program evolved ino the Bentley Global Business Ethics Symposiuam and Teaching Workshop sponsored by State Street Corporation.  Each spring Bentley faculty and a group of visiting international faculty examine current practices and challenges in business ethics and social responsibility, exploring how these concerns can be integrated into discipline-based courses.


Diversity Workshops

Diversity Retreats
Since 1993, Bentley has sponsored three retreats each year for faculty and staff intended to deepen individual awareness and understanding of diversity dynamics in society, at Bentley, and in our individual departments, offices and classrooms. "Awareness" refers to our capacity to notice diversity issues and incidents, and "understanding" relates to our ability to explain what lies behind those issues and incidents.

The retreat focuses specifically on issues of nationality, race, gender and sexual identity. While discussion of any and all differences is welcome at the retreat, specific programming on these four differences allows us to go into greater depth in our conversations. The retreat is not focused on solving specific problems at Bentley, as the responsibility for that lies with each of us as we go about our daily work.

Day-to-Day Diversity Workshops
This workshop, initially offered in 2003, was developed to address the challenges and opportunities related to diversity that we face on the Bentley campus during our daily activities as faculty and staff members. The workshop examines the many different roles we can find ourselves in that are related to diversity situations -- as a bystander, team member, supervisor, target, or offender. Much of the workshop is spent discussing cases that come directly out of experiences at Bentley. In addition to the elements of diversity discussed in the diversity retreat (nationality, race, gender, sexual identity), this workshop also raises issues related to religion and class. The goal is for those who participate in this workshop to come away with new knowledge about these issues and the Bentley culture, an increased ability to recognize and talk about diversity dynamics, some tools for taking action, and enhanced relationships with colleagues who also want to deal effectively with diversity.

Ally Workshop
This workshop, offered since 1998, introduces participants to being an "ally" for sexual identity issues at Bentley - an agent of change who helps to create a safe place for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people at Bentley in order to enrich the learning environment for everyone.

This two-hour workshop offered several times each academic year, is highly interactive. It focuses on the need for allies at Bentley and the variety of ways in which people can act as allies. The current climate on campus in relation to sexual identity is examined and specific scenarios that allies might face are discussed -- the challenges, issues and options. A resource packet for allies is provided. All members of the staff and faculty who are interested in becoming allies are welcome to attend. 


Service-Learning Workshops

Service-learning is designed to promote students' learning and civic engagement through a combination of academic study, meaningful community service, and reflective thinking.

Service-learning provides faculty and students with an opportunity to improve both teaching and learning. For faculty, service-learning is a convenient mechanism for demonstrating the practical application of classroom concepts and curriculum. For students, service-learning is a means of reinforcing acquired knowledge and skills through civic engagement.

To help faculty deepen their understanding of service-learning and the exciting role that it can play in improving teaching and our curriculum, the Bentley Service-Learning Center (BSLC) sponsors a two-day workshop each May for business and liberal arts faculty.