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How do I apply?
To apply you can e-mail, noting your nameID number and class year. A member of the BCLP Committee will respond with all relevant information. 

What are the requirements to join?
Participants have to be in good academic standing. All students – incoming freshmen, first semester sophomores and transfer students – are encouraged to join the program during their first year at Bentley. Students who are involved in BCLP will be able to create a record of their co-curricular activities, reflecting on what they have learned from both personal and societal perspectives.

How often will I meet with someone to discuss my progress?
Each April, there will be one meeting for each grade level. Throughout the year, there will be no required meetings, simply periodic check-ins.

How is progress tracked?
You track your own progress via an online database and e-portfolio; however, program directors will work with various departments to check the information you have entered.

What if I miss a requirement by the end of senior year? Will I still be able to take the pledge and complete the program? 
It depends on the requirement; however, if you have not completed a focus, you will not be able to complete the program.

What other recognition will I get from Bentley?
In addition to a co-curricular portfolio to show to future employers and graduate schools, you will also be recognized at baccalaureate and commencement. At the completion of the program you will receive a certificate, and the title of Bentley Civic Leader. Students participating in this program are highly regarded by members of the college.

Who runs the program?
BCLP is overseen by the Alliance for Social and Ethical Responsibility and all the affiliated organizations. It is run by five executive board members, all of whom are students, with one faculty/staff adviser. The program also has an advisory board that is part of the alliance.

Who do I go to with any questions I have?
You can e-mail your questions to

How is attendance at required events tracked?
After attending a BCLP event, you enter your attendance on an online database, similar to your DAS, where you are able to track year-to-year progress. You are also asked to briefly reflect on the event/experience.

What’s the difference between the portfolio and any other resume?
Your resume has an activity section that is a brief listing your activities. The portfolio expands on this information by listing your level of participation and the skills acquired. This will help you in some of the questions in an actual interview.