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Articulating the Ideas that Form Contemporary Business Ethics Education

Advancing the understanding and practice of business ethics requires being on the forefront of research into how ethics is valued and positioned in the rapidly evolving domain of business. The Hoffman CBE endeavors to remain on this forefront by continuing to provide research tools that are current and relevant.

The Hoffman CBE article repository includes pieces written by our internal staff, executive fellows, research fellows, visiting scholars, and other associates. View the library of articles.

Our collection of books includes those published by scholars associated with the Hoffman CBE, books in the Blackwell “Foundations of Business Ethics” series, edited by the CBE, and books that constitute the proceedings of CBE conferences. View the library of books.

Business and Society Review is the official journal of the Hoffman CBE, published quarterly, covers the latest in scholarly research in business ethics. View subscription information.

Surveys conducted by the Hoffman CBE and other sources that pertain to business ethics and financial performance comprise our available resources. View the surveys.