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Business and Society Review Journal

The Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University and Wiley Blackwell Publishers are pleased to invite CBE Individual and Institutional Members to subscribe to Business and Society Review. BSR is published quarterly under the general editorship of Robert Frederick. The journal is intended to address a broad variety of ethical issues concerning the relationships between business, society and the public good. It contains articles written both by practitioners in the field and scholars, and is relevant to business people, academics and others involved in the contemporary debate about the proper role of business in society.

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Annual Subscription Rates-2016

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Institutional: Print Only$429£342€427€427$662
American Philosophical Association Member: Print + Online$106£92£92€135£92
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Business and Society Review invites and welcomes for publication in the journal manuscripts from a broad variety of contributors, including academics, business people, members of the legal profession, government administrators, and others from various disciplines.

Potential authors should submit their copies for review to:

Robert Frederick, PhD
Bentley University
175 Forest Street
Waltham, MA 02452