Our Mission

In recent years, the dynamics of the global workface have experienced seismic shifts.  An increasing number of ambitious, educated and talented women are entering the business world with great drive and even greater career aspirations.  Yet, despite this influx, many corporations still struggle to retain their female talent.


Bentley University’s Center for Women and Business envisions a world where women no longer make up a small fraction of corporate leadership.


We engage preeminent thought-leaders and business executives to help them address the challenges of the ever-changing, global market for talent, and develop best practices to support, retain and advance women in the business world.  In addition, the CWB creates leadership opportunities for female students, and partners with a variety of Bentley faculty and staff members to prepare all students for career success.

The Center accomplishes its mission by...

  1. Provide ACTION STEPS to help companies create inclusive work environments where women can succeed and advance into leadership positions.
  2. PREPARE students to lead successful careers in business by exposing them to a variety of academic and experiential leadership programming.
  3. Conduct RESEARCH to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and to inform solutions that will benefit our partners and the general business community.