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Bentley Faculty Scholarship

Research in areas relevant to women’s progress in business fields is ongoing at Bentley. Faculty members are also primary contributors to the annual Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers of Massachusetts Public Companies. For more information on individual studies, please contact the Center for Women and Business

CWB/Research Council 
Retaining Women in the Workforce

Economics & Management

  • Asgary, Nader: International Business; International Management Behavior; Globalization and Economic Development; Globalization and Human Resources Development; International Strategy and Leadership; Economics Development; Applied Economics;
  • Flynn, Patricia: Benchmarking Economic Development; Composition of Corporate Boards; The Massachusetts Innovation Economy; CEO Career Paths and Leadership Styles.

English & Media Studies

  • Abbott, Traci: Gender Studies Queer Studies Women's Literature Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Literature Expository Writing
  • Aslinger, Benjamin: Media Studies; Gender/Sexuality and Media; Media Industries; Global/Transnational Media
  • Carpenter, Pamela: Intercultural diversity
  • Davi, Wiley: Pedagogy; Diversity; Gender Studies; Composition and Rhetoric
  • Gillan, Jennifer: Media Industries Critical Television Studies & Audience Studies Hollywood Film American Literary and Cultural Studies Gender Studies Ethnicity & Diversity Native American Studies
  • Kirsch, Gesa: Creativity and innovation for MBA students; writing courses in expository writing, the personal essay, creative nonfiction, memoir. Women's autobiography, memoir, and oral history. Qualitative research methodology; feminist theory and composition; women's rhetorical education; archival research and methodology; ethics and representation in research and theory.
  • Siomopoulos, Anna: Hollywood Film; Documentary Film; Experimental Film; Gender Studies

Global Studies

  • Gulati, Girish: Political Representation; Campaigns & Elections; Political Communication; Telecommunications Policy; Human Trafficking, Gender Politics
  • Seager, Joni: International Environmental Policy & Issues; Global Status of Women; Climate Change; Global Political Economy; Gender and Environment; Militarism & Environment


  • Andrews, Bridie: China; Japan; History of medicine; Chinese medicine; History of drugs trades; Women's history in Asia; East Asia;
  • Jhala, Angma: Colonial and twentieth century South Asian history; History of South Asian Religions; Gender and Sexuality in South Asia; Reading history through South Asian literature and film

Information Design & Corporate Communication

  • Marcel, Mary: Managerial communication; Business presentations; Intercultural communication; Persuasion; Business ethics; Gender and communication

Law, Tax & Financial Planning

  • Brown, Elizabeth: Alternative Careers for Lawyers and Law Students; Women in the Corporate Environment
  • Kulow, Marianne: Civil rights; Diversity issues; Gender issues; Gay rights; Employment discrimination law; Business law


  • Adams, Susan: Leadership development; careers; organizational change; corporate governance; gender balance
  • Blancero, Donna: Diversity, networking, mentoring and leadership for Latinos and other persons of color.
  • Brown, Jill: Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics, Strategic Leadership and Innovation
  • Crary, Laura: Managing diversity issues in organizations; Organizational behavior
  • Kellogg, Diane: Leadership; Interpersonal Communication; International NGO Management
  • LaFarge, Vicki: Team dynamics; Emotional intelligence and team effectiveness; Knowledge creation in teams; Diversity and intergroup dynamics; Pedagogical issues related to use of teams; Transition dynamics
  • Nurick, Aaron: Interpersonal Relations; Emotional Intelligence; Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations; Leadership
  • Spelman, Duncan: Diversity in the Workplace; Organizational Behavior; Interpersonal Relations; Organization Change
  • Stewart, Marcus: Diversity; Leadership; Teams; Justice; Learning and Feedback; Career Development
  • Weiss, Joseph: Change Management; Business Ethics Consulting; Leadership Assessment & Development; Project Management; Executive Career Development


  • Dobscha, Susan: Consumer Behavior; Marketing Research; Gender in Organizations;

Modern Languages

  • Griffin, Jane: Latin American literature and film; popular culture; minority literature; writing and composition; foreign language instruction; gender studies.
  • Tchaicha, Jane: French language and Francophone culture ; technology and the developing world; microcredit and North African women; women and Islam; technology, culture and business practices

Natural & Applied Sciences

  • Arenella, Lynn: Science and Business of Biotechnology; Human Biology for Business Students; Evolution, Human Genetics and Behavior (Honors); Biology of Mind; Biology of Sex (Gender and Sexual Orientation); Internships - NS and Interdisciplinary
  • Evans, Ronald: Psychotherapy; Diversity in the workplace; Multiculturalism; Academic/Social preparation of adolescents
  • Hartigan, Danielle: Patient-centered care; patient-provider communication; patient perceptions of their healthcare experience; health information seeking behavior; health literacy; cancer prevention and survivorship care; nonverbal communication; gender; person perception accuracy; emotion


  • Anderson, W. Timothy: Native American Studies - Crow tribe; Sociology of Everyday Life; Conversation Analysis; Sociology of the Edge; Gender & Culture; Introductory Sociology
  • David, Gary: Intercultural Communication and Information Technology; Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management; Diversity Issues; Global Relationship Management; Virtual Workplace Community Development; Health Information Technology
  • Rawls, Anne: Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis; Globalization & Modern Democratic Practice; Situated Practice and the Workplace; Sociology of Information; Race, Gender & Interaction; Epistemology and Practice; Social and Political Theory

Sociology & Management

  • Buono, Anthony: Organization Theory; Organization Change; Sociology of Work and Organizations; Leadership and Ethics