Connecting and Leading With Your Best Self


November 12, 2013

Bentley University Students: Join the CWB and Judy Shen-Filerman for this workshop on November 12th in LAC325.

Each one of us leads everyday (regardless of the position or title).  Leadership encompasses our outward actions and reflects how we think and feel.  When we are at our “Best Self”, we engage with others in a way produces positive outcomes. We connect well and bring out the best in others, including those who may be quite different from ourselves (in terms of work function, culture, gender, ethnicity and personality).  We seek points of commonality, we seek to understand others' perspectives and in so doing, we create solutions that are breakthrough, innovative and effective. Each of us has a “Best Self,” the part of us that honors our deepest values, embraces our unique talents and dares to shine in the crowd.  It’s always there.  But with everyday demands, stresses and self-doubt, the Best Self can take a back seat and we become reactive and feel out of control.  This workshop is intended to remind you of the unique skills and assets that you bring to your work every day.  You will recall your most gratifying moments, highlight your unique talents and delineate attitudes and behaviors that enabled you to lead others with personal authenticity and professional productivity.  You’ll leave with your Best Self Identity Statement, to guide you and remind you to lead, as the best you, in your workplace.   

Judy Shen-Filerman is the Principal and Founder of Dreambridge Partners with expertise in advising individuals how to navigate American corporate culture.  Her firm specializes in communications and leadership development for newcomers to American corporate culture, ranging from women, minorities to non-Americans. A Harvard MBA, Judy harnesses her 20 years of innovations-oriented marketing management and business success at leading global companies, including her first-person experience as a bi-lingual, immigrant Chinese-American. Judy designs and delivers coaching for professionals and senior executives at blue chip and start up companies as well as for students at leading business schools. Judy leverages interpersonal communications as the platform for bridging culturally diverse people towards shared outcomes. You can learn more about Judy at

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