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You Can Thank Millennials for This Important Change to the Workplace

The most important leadership lesson I’ve learned in the past year is that you must never stop learning to be a leader. As leaders, we need to be fluid and open to change. Millennials are changing the workplace for the better. We, as leaders, need to change along with it. More >

By Gloria Larson
December 17, 2015



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Boston Globe: Elite Business Group Needs to Add Diversity

“There is ample research showing that diversity in leadership leads to better results ranging from creativity and innovation, to the bottom line,” said Trish Foster, program director for The Center for Women and Business at Bentley University. “The partnership should be concerned about this.”

By Yvonne Abraham
January 13, 2016



Fast Company: Three Survival Strategies for Women in Hostile Work Cultures

By one measure, nearly 66 million working Americans report experiencing or witnessing abusive conduct at work. Here are three strategies for professional women to survive in a hostile workplace.

By Sava Berhané
December 18, 2015