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Fast Company: Three Ways to Tell if Your Company Supports Women of Color

Women of color still face far steeper odds for advancement in the workplace. Change begins with employers acknowledging that.

By Sava Berhané
November 17, 2015


Boston Globe: Five things you should know about Gloria Cordes Larson

Gloria Cordes Larson, the President of Bentley University and named one of the most powerful people in Boston, reflects on her past and shares her advice for women in the workplace. She mentions the Center for Women and Business as a great resource for both students and working professionals.

By Deirdre Fernandes
October 23, 2015


Fast Company: How to Make Gender Equality at Work Matter to Everyone

Men have a role to play in changing workplace cultures to everyone’s advantage, not just women’s.

By Sava Berhané
October 23, 2015


Fortune: The biggest setback for women in corporate America: the 24/7 workday

Female employees continue to face real challenges when it comes to workplace success — but they aren’t alone.

By Betsy Myers
October 6, 2015 10 Useful Skills That Will Improve Your Life

“On the other side of positive self-talk is negative self-talk, which Betsy Myers believes can slowly chip away at your confidence.”

By Rachel Gillett
September 25, 2015


Business Insider: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer is a symbol for American working mothers, whether she likes it or not

“She’s really cutting some new road here, and I think it’s really exciting.” – Betsy Myers

By Rachel Gillett
September 2, 2015

Fast Company: Why Women Need Career Sponsors More Than Mentors

Talented women need more than just the advice and encouragement of a professional mentor.

By Sava Berhané
August 28, 2015

Mashable: 5 Ways Women Can Help Women Succeed in the Workplace

When discussing how it can be tempting to compete with other women, Patricia Foster adds, “Women should make an active decision not to engage in that competition and support one another.”

By Samantha Cooney
August 26, 2015

Daily Rover: 5 Methods Ladies May Also Help Ladies Succeed Within the Office

Patricia Foster comments on how women should help one another in the workplace and raise each other up, rather than competing in a negative way.

By Daily Rover
August 26, 2015

Entrepreneur: 5 Tips for Tackling Your Fears While You’re Getting Ahead

Gloria Larson shares some great advice, and explains how "...tackling the fear head-on is the key to overcoming it -- instead of letting it overcome you."

By Gloria Larson
August 13, 2015

Washington Post: A Gender-Equity Club, Run By Men

Bentley Management Professor Susan Adams discusses how men can speed up the gender equality movement in the corporate world.

By Jena McGregor
August 10, 2015

Forbes: Political Savvy: The Missing Link to Women’s Advancement

Betsy Myers offers input on how to overcome gender bias, saying, “I think you have to be conscious of how you come across. You have to watch for what’s going on around you – that you can’t just operate; you can’t just do your work. There’s a bigger picture….”

By Bonnie Marcus
July 15, 2015

Fast Company: 4 Ways For Millennial Women To Prepare For Leadership Roles

Millennial women are set to take on unprecedented leadership positions. Here's how to prep for them.

By Sava Berhané
June 29, 2015


Fast Company: What U.S. Companies Can Learn from Scandinavia

Susan Adams writes what she learned about the impact of social and public policy on women’s professional development after a visit to Sweden and Denmark.

By Susan Adams
June 11, 2015 

Business Insider: 10 Skills That Are Hard to Learn but Pay Off Forever

When thinking about the opposite of positive self-talk, Betsy Myers highlights the idea that negative self-talk “…can chip away at your confidence.”

By Rachel Gillett
June 10, 2015

Boston Globe: A Beacon for Working Women, Sheryl Sandberg’s Loss Reverberates Far Outside the Valley

Janelle Nanos describes the obstacles real life successful women in their 30s still face. It is important at any age that you rely on those close to you during difficult times.

By Susan Adams
June 7, 2015 The glass ceiling still looms in Mass.

Women have not made as much progress in cracking the glass ceiling as they should have; the numbers are startling.  A cultural shift is necessary to help grow the ranks of women in business.

By Sanjay Salomon
June 7, 2015 

Fortune: How Men Can Step Up and Help Women Get Ahead At Work

Gloria Larson writes about how “Male executives have a unique opportunity to help advance women in the workplace.”

By Gloria Larson
May 19, 2015

Fast Company: 5 Things You’ll Learn When You Veer Off A Traditional Career Path

There’s a lot to be said about taking the road less traveled. Here’s what you can learn from a non-traditional career path.

By Susan Adams
May 18, 2015 


Business Insider: Stop apologizing, learn to say 'no,' and 7 more tips for women's success at work

Life is busy. Work is busy. Our minds are busy. Saying no gives us permission to manage our time by eliminating the clutter of unnecessary obligations. We live in a culture that glorifies busy so it is no wonder that we can easily mistake activity for progress.

By Betsy Myers
May 4, 2015 

Fortune: Why Women Need to Stop Holding Back at Work

Gloria Larson shares key insights on how rejection can help spur opportunities.

By Gloria Larson
April 8, 2015

Fast Company: How Couples Can Stay Married, Change Diapers, and Keep Both Jobs

Having it all means different things to different couples. These tips will help you establish your own description.

By Susan Adams
April 2, 2015 


Fast Company: The Right Ways to Bring Diversity to Your Business

Companies do not realize nor take the time to explore the rewards they can get by embracing diversity.  They can only achieve it if they go about it a certain way.

By Susan Adams
March 5, 2015 


Huffington Post Blog: Women in Business Q&A: Betsy Myers, Founding Director, Centre for Women and Business, Bentley University

Betsy Myers answers important questions about leadership, mentorship and work/life balance. She gives insightful tips for women who are seeking a professional, business centered career.

By Laura Dunn
February 7, 2015 


Fast Company: How Your Board’s Personality Dictates Your Gender Diversity

Are women not qualified to be on the board or does the board simply not want women on it? Susan Adams explains the answer to this question in this article.

By Susan Adams
February 4, 2015 


The MetroWest Daily News: Governor, Bentley celebrate ‘Corporate Challenge' milestone, set new goal

In October, Gov. Deval Patrick issued a charge for 100 companies, by the end of the year, to join a “Corporate Challenge” to advance women in the workplace. Two months later the Governor and the Center for Women and Business proudly announced over 105 companies had signed up for the Challenge.

By Paul Crocetti
December 19, 2014 


Fast Company: Busting 3 Excuses for Predominantly Male Boards

Many can agree that there are not enough women on corporate boards. Susan Adams discusses the three reasons companies give as to why there are so few women on their boards, then goes on to explain why they’re wrong.

By Susan Adams
November 13, 2014 


Boston Globe: Silicon Valley vs. Boston: Is one friendlier to women?

In the race to create a startup hub welcoming to women, Boston may just have an advantage.

By Shan Wang and Li Zhou
October 23, 2014