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Resource Partners

Our Resource Partners are consultancies, academic organizations, and public service groups that have established themselves as genuine experts and leaders in the field of gender diversity. They share research-based information, tools, and best practices with our corporate partners, students, and alumni via CWB-sponsored programs.

Deborah Gillis"We want to live in a world where power, influence and leadership are shared equally by all women and men. This means realizing gender parity, equal pay, and equal opportunity. To achieve this we need inclusion. Inclusion is the necessary pre-condition to creating sustainable change for women and men in workplaces and in lives.  At Catalyst, our mission is realized through more diverse and inclusive workplaces where women and men around the world have fair and equal opportunity to thrive."
Deborah Gillis
President and CEO of Catalyst


Barbara Annis"Gender intelligence is the ability to understand the differences between men and women, not only in how we're hard-wired, but in how we make decisions, problem-solve, and communicate. Gender intelligence allows us to understand the contributions that both men and women bring to the workplace. In essence, it’s shorthand for the notion that 'great minds think unalike.'"
Barbara Annis
President and CEO of Gender Intelligence Group

Chuck Shelton"A new idea is guiding many companies, as they engage men as allies with women: A man is an ally when a woman says he is. It's about trust, accountability, and inclusive leadership, to grow and retain talent and customer relationships." 
Chuck Shelton
CEO of Greatheart Consulting




Micheline Germanos"A company that is deliberately valuing women’s contributions and engaging them to do their best work is a company that has succeeded in creating an inclusive work environment; it is therefore better positioned to succeed in our increasingly diverse and global world. Learning to leverage divergent points of view is an incredible asset and should appeal to every sound business leader."
Micheline Germanos
Founder and Principal of Germanos Leadership