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Focus Groups

The CMT is equipped with a state-of-the-art focus group suite that is used by the Bentley community and our corporate partners and clients. We conduct focus groups to gather important feedback about new products, services and concepts. In particular, we can gather vital user opinions, attitudes and behaviors about new or revamped products, advertising campaigns, packaging, product names, logos and branding concepts. New products can be tested before they are made available to the public to gauge market acceptance, thus saving the major expense of any marketing campaign.

Focus groups typically consist of discussion groups between 8-10 potential users of a product or service. The CMT also can be reconfigured to create more intimate discussion groups such as IDIs, Dyads and Triad sessions.

The CMT also uses online focus group software to conduct research with participants who have access to a web browser in any location and time zone. Online focus group solutions dramatically lower the cost of conducting focus groups in multiple locations and offer in depth, considered answers to discussion questions.

The CMT offers a full Focus Group Service consisting of:

  • Research strategy
  • Establishing research goals
  • Identifying focus group participants
  • Recruiting (in partnership with Cambridge Focus)
  • Creating a discussion guide
  • Moderating
  • Recording/Streaming
  • Media duplicating to DVD
  • Creating reports and recommendations
  • Presenting key findings

The CMT can be hired by external market researchers for confidential research supported by knowledgeable and friendly MBA and Marketing Analytics graduate students. Fees available on request.