Our Expertise

The CMT draws on the talents of our world class marketing faculty, collaborations with subject matter experts, an extensive business library and the most up-to-date technology to deliver real world research results.

Our focus is on marketing and business strategy supported by in-depth and customized research to reveal new insights. Research must be in the service of actionable insights that move the business forward and reduce risk.

We begin each project by defining the key business objective and developing a research strategy to meet these objectives. We offer qualitative and quantitative solutions that deliver insight at an affordable cost. These solutions include:

  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Field Research
  • Library research

Library research draws on a collection of electronic databases, books and journals including proprietary research from Mintel, Euromonitor, Arbitron, Gartner, Forrester, Scarborough. Research tools include EBSCO, LexisNexis, MediaMark, Tapscan, MRI, West Law.

The CMT's state-of-the-art research facility houses a fully equipped focus group suite, survey tools, marketing software and equipment to support field research projects.

Bentley's academic community draws on our resources to develop world class research that is published in some of the most prestigious academic journals such as the Sloan Management Review, California Management Review and Business Horizons as well as business press such as The Economist and Wall Street Journal.

The CMT's corporate clients commission research to avoid expensive launch mistakes, understand customer satisfaction variables, track the competition and develop new products. Our experience and expertise allows us to see patterns across industries that lead to the rapid development of research strategies. We typically conduct over 250 focus groups and over 150 surveys a year, and tailor all research to our clients' needs.