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How We Do It: Technology

When Consumer Reports #1 sunscreen came to Bentley to analyze their advertising, packaging and website, before launch into drug and grocery stores, students used eye-tracking glasses and skin conductivity technology to analyze the opportunity. 

Bentley’s state-of-the-art labs, high-tech classrooms, academic centers, and more than 80 leading research databases provide students with the technical, analytical, critical-thinking, and communication skills required to succeed in today’s global business environment.



In Corporate Immersion classes, we integrate instructional and research cutting edge technologies to work with companies all over the world and enable corporate partners to attend every class, either in person or synchronously remotely.

With the use of technologies such as Conference XP, Internet2, Saba’s Centra Web conferencing software,, Skype Premium multi video chat software with a voice activated round table camera Bentley students make live presentations to corporate partners, receive prompt live feedback, and advance researching initiatives.