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Volume 2 Number 1

Typical waste situation in Dakar, Senegal From Figure 1, Collecting Household Waste in Dakar: Does it Cost That Much? An Application of Contingent Valuation, by Ahmadou Aly Mbaye.


Volume 2, Number 1, May 2008
  Editor's Foreword Dominique Haughton
1 Estimation of Air Traffic Loss at Toulouse Blagnac Airport after September 11, 2001 Attacks Yves Aragon and Sandrine Gnassou pdf
9 Critical-Thinking Assessment: A Case Applying Resampling to Analyze the Sensitivity of a Hypothesis Test to Confounding William Goodman pdf
21 Practical Considerations when Estimating in the Presence of Autocorrelation Sanjiv Jaggia and Alison Kelly-Hawke pdf
28 Collecting Household Waste in Dakar: Does it Cost that Much? Ahmadou Aly Mbaye pdf
38 Neural Computing: Application in Non-Invasive Cancer Detection Florin Gorunescu, Marina Gorunescu, Smaranda Gorunescu, Adrian Saftoiu and Peter Vilmann pdf
45 Vagaries of the Euro: An Introduction to ARIMA Modeling Guillaume Weisang and Yukika Awazu pdf
56 Introduction to Scoring Methods: Farm Holdings Financial Problems Dominique Desbois pdf
78 Determining Uses and Gratifications for Indian Internet Users Sanjit Kumar Roy pdf


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Dominique Haughton, editor-in-chief, Bentley University

Christine Thomas-Agnan, co-editor, Université Toulouse I

Kai W. Ng, co-editor, University of Hong Kong