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BSLC service sites provide students with the opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds – including race, gender, nationality, age, socio-economic, religion, (dis)ability and sexual orientation. Students have the opportunity to develop interpersonal competencies such as communication, leadership and management skills in real-world situations. Below you find a sampling of programs and community partners.


Afterschool Mentoring and Tutoring Programs

A Step Ahead
Chesterbrook Afterschool Program
Chesterbrook Teen Center
Dana Court Afterschool Program
Fitzgerald Drama
Get Up N' Move
Guyz Only
Hanscom Air Force Base Afterschool Program
Prospect Hill Teen Center
Prism Project
Teen Time at Dana Court
Waltham Boys & Girls Club
Watertown Boys & Girls Club
Woburn Boys & Girls Club
YMCA Afterschool Program

Computer Assistance Programs

America Clicks!
Brookhaven Cyber Coaches
Skills for Life

ESL Programs

English Language Learners (ELL)
Home Suites
Pax Populi English Language Tutoring
Prospect Hill ESOL
Whittemore Elementary Adult ESOL
Whittemore Elementary Afterschool Program and ELL 

In-School Mentoring and Tutoring Programs

2+2=5: The Power of Teamwork
I Love to Read at Prospect Hill
Waltham Family School Programs

Programs for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Edinburg Center
Eye to Eye
Northeast Gym Buddies
Special Olympics

Community Assistance Programs

Allston-Brighton Food Pantry
Memoir Project - Chronicles of Your Life
Spanish and French at Brookhaven
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) (Spring Only)