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The User Experience Center is excited to organize and sponsor events that support the UX community. The UXC hosted the Face of Finance Conference, brings in outside speakers to give brown bag presentations, organizes World Usability Day, and sponsors local, national, and international UX events.

The UXC is committed to growing the UX community, sharing the latest UX research, design, and strategy; and, creating venues for UX professionals to meet and collaborate.

Upcoming Events

UX Design Reviews

The Bentley User Experience (UX) Studio holds offices hours on Fridays at hack/reduce 25 First St. Cambridge, MA where we offer 30 minute free design consultations by appointment. This service is for startups and small companies who want to get a taste of user experience design and see how it applies to their products and services. 

Bring your app, website or concept design to the UX Studio for a short free design consultation. You will get feedback on the user experience and design, with actionable recommendations. These sessions are open to the public on a first come, first service basis.  The UX Studio is the satellite site for the User Experience Center at Bentley University. Email for an appointment.