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Expert Reviews

Quickly Uncover Usability Problems and Correct Designs Prior to Testing

Expert Reviews

Expert reviews are the fastest way to identify problematic aspects of a product or website design, and give teams an opportunity to refine the design prior to testing with actual users. During an expert review, one or more UXC consultants will walk through a series of representative tasks within your application or website, evaluating the product against known UX best practices. This helps us pinpoint problematic areas of the design, and provide you with actionable design recommendations.

Representative expert review projects include:

  • Helping a regional bank in Massachusetts to evaluate early design mockups for an upcoming website redesign.
  • Working with an independent commercial bank to identify pain points in their current design as a jumping off point for a larger redesign project.

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Specialized expert reviews

In addition to using standard usability heuristics to conduct expert reviews, we also conduct expert reviews to identify accessibility issues within your product. These reviews can both ensure that your product is accessible to users with disabilities, particularly with visual impairments.

When to Consider an Expert Review

  • When you need to evaluate the usability of your product but your project is experiencing time constraints
  • When you want to make as many improvements as possible to your prototype before testing the design with participants

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