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Eye tracking and biometric equipment

Measure emotional engagement and visual attention

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Eye tracking and biometrics equipment

We use the latest eye tracking technology from SMI Vision to collect and analyze eye movements in real-time. We collect and analyze biometrics through Q-sensors to measure emotional engagement.

SMI Eye Tracking System

The SMI eye tracking system requires a brief calibration and uses reflected infrared light to monitor eye movements in real-time. It is perfect for websites and images displayed on a computer screen. The eye movements are analyzed and precise information about people’s visual attention patterns is revealed. Eye movements are also shown in real-time to observers so you can see what visual features is grabbing user’s attention, and what they are ignoring.

Eye tracking technology can be used to measure visual attention with:

  • Websites
  • Software
  • Mobile applications
  • Video
  • Printed materials
  • Shelf and package displays

Eye Tracking Glasses

In partnership with the Center for Marketing Technology (CMT) we have access to SMI eye tracking glasses. These glasses are state-of-the-art technology to capture eye movements in the natural environment. The glasses are fully mobile, and capture scenes in HD. They may be used to analyze shelf displays, advertisements, in-home product usage, and mobile applications.


The Q-sensors, produced by Affectiva, are the least intrusive and most sensitive electrodermal biosensors on the market. They provide real-time data on participant’s electrodermal activity, which strongly correlates with heightened states of emotion or cognition. The Q-Sensor is an excellent tool when focused on product engagement and can be used for all types of interactions, from mobile applications to real world experience. This information can provide an idea of the participant’s level of engagement and emotional reactions to certain elements of your product.

A few examples of when a Q-sensor can be used:

  • You want to know if the video on your site is engaging and which parts of it are most engaging.
  • You have a retirement calculator/student loan calculator and want to see the emotional reaction when the participant sees the result.
  • You want to know how users are reacting to an article you wrote and you believe is emotional engaging.