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World Class Facilities and Technology

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Facilities and Technology

Clients of the UXC gain access to one of the most sophisticated user research facilities in the United States. Our facility houses two state-of-the-art usability testing labs, with special setups for mobile device testing and focus groups, and with specific technologies for field research studies,  eye tracking, and biometrics (emotional measurement).

Our labs allow clients to observe studies in person or remotely via a live stram, to see first-hand how people respond to their products. 

Usability Labs

The Bentley UXC has two state-of-the-art usability labs, both equipped with one-way mirrors, multiple high-definition video cameras, and superior audio quality to make sure we capture every behavior and comment. As an observer you will be able to view the session live at our facility or remote via a live video stream. If you can’t view it live, you’ll be provided all recordings after the study. 

Mobile Devices

The UXC regularly evaluates designs on tablets and smartphones (IOS and Android). We can also test devices such as smart watches and other electronic devices. Our high tech screen sharing software allows us to live stream user sessions so you can easily observe what users are doing on the device.  

Portable Labs and Field Equipment

Our portable lab and field equipment allows us to run user research studies in any location of your choice. It is fast to set up our technology and flexible so it can handle many different types of studies, including mobile devices. We routinely rent facilities in other locations, test products in office environments, and conduct home visits to observe how customers use products in the real world. 

Eye Tracking and Biometrics

We use the latest eye tracking technology from SMI Vision to collect and analyze eye movements in real-time. We collect and analyze biometrics through Q-sensors to measure emotional arousal.