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Usability Labs

The User Experience Center (UXC) has two state-of-the-art usability labs on the Bentley campus. The first lab is a large, three-room testing suite designed to accommodate focus groups, eye tracking, as well as individual and multi-user usability tests. The second, smaller lab is a two-room testing suite designed to accommodate one-on-one usability sessions. Both labs have one-way mirrors through which clients can observe test sessions. Each lab also has multiple high definition video cameras that allow participants’ actions and remarks to be recorded. Both labs have streaming and recording capabilities.

Three-Room Suite

Designed by leading UX professionals, the three-room suite has been used as a model by other usability labs nationwide, including the National Cancer Institute and Fidelity Investments.

The three-room testing suite consists of a spacious participant room, a control room, and an adjacent observation room with capacity for 24 observers. The participant room is designed to accommodate both individual evaluation sessions as well as focus groups, with two desktop computers where participants can evaluate products or websites. Hardware products and mobile devices can be evaluated with equal ease. There is an SMI eye-tracking system.  Additionally, a sitting area with chairs and a sofa provides a comfortable space where the participant and facilitator can discuss the upcoming session. The three room suite has full recording and streaming capabilities.



Two-Room Suite

The two-room testing suite consists of a participant room and a control/observation room. The participant room has one workstation and is designed to accommodate one-on-one sessions. The participant room houses three high definition cameras, along with a one-way mirror. The control/observation room can accommodate up to six observers. The two room suite has full recording and streaming capabilities.


Remote Viewing and Testing

Both labs are equipped for remote viewing through live streaming of 1:1 sessions and focus groups via the web. This allows clients to observe studies remotely if they are unable to travel to Bentley. Likewise, remote usability testing can be conducted through the use of web conferencing tools. This enables the center to moderate sessions with participants in any part of the world. All remote sessions are recorded for future observation.

Accessibility Testing

The UXC uses specialized software such as JAWS and NVDA to evaluate the accessibility of websites and software for the visually impaired.

Video Editing

Post-production video editing can be provided for clients who want video highlights to support test findings. These highlights can be delivered as individual clips or as a fully produced highlight tape with voice-overs, transitions, and titles.