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Focus Groups

Gain Insight from your Target Audience

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a valuable research technique to reveal barriers in product adoption, brand perceptions, and can identify potential new products or features based on unmet needs. Clients use focus groups to gather initial impressions of different design concepts. The UXC’s state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff enable us to easily handle focus groups of various sizes and composition, including focus groups with specialized audiences. Clients also hire the UXC to conduct focus groups at rented facilities around the US and abroad.

Representative focus group projects include:

  • Helping an international bank gather early concept reactions for the next generation of their consumer online banking experience.
  • Working with the team behind’s Nursing Home Compare to uncover important differences among the types of caregivers, advocates and professionals using the service, as part of a larger persona development and UX Strategy project.
  • Conducted remote focus groups in Russian to help assess the informational needs of patients with a rare genetic disorder, and gather feedback on a new online service created by an international drug manufacturer.

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Specialized focus groups

What do you do when your target audience is scattered around the globe, and can’t make it to a single location? The UXC has expertise in conducting remote focus groups for just such occasions. We also have experience conducting focus groups with special audiences, such as children and caregivers, and participants with special needs.


When do you need a focus group? When you want to:

  • Collect feedback on early design concepts, prior to the development of a prototype
  • Identify most significant barriers to product adoption and usage
  • Generate ideas for new products or features
  • Understand perceptions of the brand compared to the competition

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