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Information Architecture (IA)

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Information Architecture (IA)

Information architecture is the foundation for effective design. Without a solid IA, customers and prospects will not be able to find the information they are looking for, and will have difficulty completing their tasks. An efficient IA also means that users will be able to accomplish their goals without unnecessary frustration, increasing brand perception and loyalty. We at the UXC help clients create and validate effective information architectures through techniques such as task workflows, affinity diagrams, card sorting, and tree testing.

Recent projects include:

  • Using tree tests to help a national grocery chain to compare the effectiveness of their information architecture against two major competitors.
  • Helping a national retailer understand how consumers organize different types of shoes visually, using a card sort that included pictures of their collection.
  • Conducting a series of card sorts to help a major financial services company optimize their information architecture for both personal and small business consumers.

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A global medical equipment manufacturer was in the midst of a redesign, and wanted to understand how professionals across clinical and administrative disciplines researched products they were considering. We devised several methods – card sorts, usability testing, and tree tests – that would help them create a more effective navigation.