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Persona Development

Build User Understanding and Empathy Across your Organization

Persona Development

Personas are used as part of the design process to help the product team understand the different types of users that will interact with the product, and consider what features or functionality matter most to those users. The UXC creates personas through a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods, often combining the client’s own metrics with field research, surveys or usability test data.

Representative persona development projects include:

  • Helping a financial services software provider better understand the primary and secondary users of their product as part of a major redesign and UX Strategy project.
  • Working with the team behind’s Nursing Home Compare to uncover important differences among the types of caregivers, advocates and professionals using the service.
  • Using contextual inquiry to help a national financial services firm better understand the tools financial advisors use to manage client relationships.

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Specialized Persona Development

By incorporating metrics and statistical analysis into the persona development, we can help identify which features are most important for the respective personas. This allows you to focus your design efforts more efficiently and concentrate on what matters the most. Once personas are developed, we validate them through quantitative methods. This will allow you to focus on the personas that represent the largest customer segments.

When to Consider Personas

  • When you need to bring your product team together, focusing on the needs and desires of your target customers or prospects
  • When your user demographics have changed and you need a comprehensive picture of who your current users are
  • When you want to identify and prioritize new features and functionality

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