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Develop a Winning UX Roadmap

UX Roadmap

Tailoring a roadmap to an organization or product ensures that maximum value is gained from each UX activity. The User Experience Center (UXC) will work with your organization to understand your current position and where you want to go. Thereafter we will evaluate UX methods from our extensive array of techniques and select the ones best suitable for your project plan.

Some of the recent UX roadmaps created at the UXC are:

  • Working with a global financial system roadmap to upgrade their user experience of a decades old legacy system. The solution included an iterative approach starting with goal setting, persona identification as well as evaluation and validation work.
  • Improving a regional museum user experience both online and at the museum by employing a UX strategy that included tactics linking prior work to museum’s long terms goals for attendance and digital engagement.
  • Created and maintained a UX Strategic model that included benchmarks and milestones for a Government website application that allows big data to be used in simple ways.

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