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The User Experience Center (UXC) is focused on improving the user experience (UX) of websites, software, mobile applications, consumer products, medical devices; or, anything with an interface. We offer a full range of UX consulting services, tailoring each project to meet our clients' specific needs, keeping in mind budgets and aggressive timelines. Our services fall into four areas.

User Research

Understand who your users are, what they do, what motivates them, and how those insights can dramatically affect your design decisions.

Field Research

Focus Groups



Design and Evaluation

Incorporate user feedback throughout the design process. Design wireframes or interactive prototypes that create a better user experience and reach your business goals. Make your products engaging and accessible.

Information Architecture


Usability Testing

Expert Reviews

Eye Tracking and Biometrics



Measure the user experience through large-scale quantitative-based studies. Track the impact of design changes over time, measure yourself against the competition, compare subtle design alternatives, and validate design decisions.

UX Benchmarking


Create a user experience road map within your organization. Build internal capacity and expertise, integrate the user experience into the organization, and put together a world class UX team.

UX Strategy