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Accessibility is an essential factor in all products, ensuring that target audiences that include individuals with vision, hearing, and mobility impairments can interact with the full feature set (navigation and visual design) of your product.

Accessibility can be evaluated at any stage of the design process, from conceptual wireframes to existing websites in need of a redesign. Through methods including expert reviews and usability tests we help clients develop an accessibility strategy and provide a set of actionable recommendations.

What We Do

  • Provide insight on users with disabilities and challenges they might encounter with your product
  • Test or review the accessibility of your product and provide actionable recommendations to improve the accessibility of your product
  • Identify accessibility and usability issues on your product and recommend design modifications based on users’ suggestions and established accessibility and UI design principles
  • Document accessibility guidelines and best practices based on usability test results so that developers and other staff know what to do and what not to do when maintaining your website

When to Consider Accessibility

  • When you want a deeper understanding of the accessibility strengths and opportunities for improvement of your website
  • When you want to know what parts of your website violate the letter and spirit of accessibility standards (e.g., Section 508, WCAG 2.0) and how best to remedy these issues