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Benchmarking measures the user experience of a product(s) against a previous release or competitor. Benchmarking the user experience is essential for organizations that need quantitative validation that their product is going to meet or exceed user experience or business goals prior to release.

Benchmarking identifies points of competitive advantage as well as weakness compared to the industry leaders. The UXC staff is experienced in various aspects of quantiative analysis of UX data. The UXC team utilizes a variety of technologies to run benchmark studies, including UserZoom, Qualtrics, Optimal Workshop suite of products, and more.

What We Do

  • Recruit a large sample (usually several hundred) of representative users from online panels or established customer lists
  • Develop benchmarking study including tasks, metrics, experimental design, quotas, and analysis plan
  • Launch study and monitor data collection
  • Analyze metrics and qualitative data
  • Present top-level and detailed findings to client with recommendations

When to Consider Benchmarking

  • When you need to compare your product against the competition
  • When you need to collect reliable metrics around the user experience of your product
  • When you need to track the user experience of your product over time
  • When you need bring in data about user attitudes and preferences into your design process