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At the UXC we believe that successful design comes from a creative and informed approach. Whether you’re in the earliest stages of innovation, sketching out initial design ideas, or updating an existing product or feature set we can provide inspired solutions to your design challenges. 
The UXC staff is experienced in ideation, as well as in developing both wireframes and polished visual designs including style guides. Wireframes illustrate key design concepts such as layout, information architecture, navigation, and key user interactions.  Wireframes are then converted into a prototype and tested with end users; Designs can be produced as standalone style guides or as part of the wireframe development. The design style guides provide a polished final design with specific guidelines to apply them to your product. Visual design is also validated with end users prior to development or launch.
The UXC also supports organizations by running ideation and design thinking sessions with key stakeholders and even end users. Ideations and design thinking sessions help a team get to a great design in a very efficient way, while taking into account various perspectives and constraints. The UXC staff is also versed at creating and evaluating visual and interactive style guides. 

What We Do

  • Create wireframes of representative pages/screens
  • Create workflow diagrams
  • Develop clickable prototypes
  • Create visual designs
  • Develop visual and interactive style guide
  • Run ideation and design thinking sessions with stakeholders

When to Consider Design

  • When you are designing and development a new product and want to expand your ideation and creative process.
  • When you are embarking on a new design initiative and need to illustrate various design concepts
  • When you need to document the workflow as part of a redesign effort
  • When you need to create a prototype to test with end users
  • When you need to apply the visual design to a set of wireframes
  • When you need a design style guide

Visual Design Partner: OHO Interactive

The UXC regularly partners with OHO interactive for visual design and development services. OHO is an interactive firm that creates exceptional web experiences for industries including higher education, technology, healthcare, and others, driving business metrics, engaging and inspiring users, and making a bottom line impact.