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Expert Reviews

An expert review is done to evaluate several aspects of your product based on known principles (heuristics) of good design. For example, an expert review of a website could cover navigation, workflow, information hierarchy, screen layout and design, consistency, and terminology.

The UXC staff is conducted based on applying a set of UX best practices against a set of tasks. The UXC staff will be able to pinpoint problematic areas, and provide a set of actionable design recommendations. Expert reviews are the quickest way to identify problematic aspects of the design, and refine the design prior to testing with actual customers or prospects. 

What We Do

  • Evaluate your product against UX best practices
  • Expert review is based on a set of tasks or user scenarios
  • Deliver a set of detailed and prioritized recommendations for immediate improvements to the user experience

When to Consider an Expert Review

  • When you need to evaluate the usability of your product but your project is experiencing time constraints
  • When you want to make as many improvements as possible to your prototype before testing the design with participants