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Field Research

Field research enables our clients to gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with products in their natural environments. Conducting studies in the field is also beneficial when users cannot easily come to the lab, or when observing their use of the product in their natural environment is critical.

The UXC staff is well versed in working in the field. We frequently visit participants in their homes, offices, call centers, manufacturing plants, and hospitals. Wherever people are using the product we are evaluating – we are there!

When to Consider Field Research

  • When you want real-world, environment-specific insights into how your product is used
  • When it is difficult to bring your target users or customers into the lab
  • When you are looking to generate new ideas for features and functionality by identifying unmet needs

What Field Research Involves

  • Recruiting and scheduling participants
  • Gather user requirements, identify unmet needs, and capture points of frustration
  • Utilize screen-capturing software, cameras, and audio recorders