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Information Architecture

The User Experience Center (UXC) helps clients improve the information architecture (IA) of information systems and interactive systems to make them more intuitive and efficient.

Information architecture is the foundation for any design. Without a solid IA, customers and prospects will not be able to find the information they are looking for, and will have difficulty completing their tasks. An efficient IA also means that users will be able to quickly perform their tasks, without unnecessary or additional steps.

The UXC helps clients create and validate an IA through techniques such as task and workflows, affinity diagrams, card sorting (open and closed), and tree testing.

What We Do

  • Translate field research into a set of affinity diagrams to build an information architecture
  • Conduct card sorts in our labs or remotely (online) to identify the ideal information architecture
  • Run tree tests to validate a proposed information architecture
  • Review your product’s task flow for opportunities to optimize efficiency
  • Create wireframes or site maps of an ideal information architecture for your product

When to Consider Information Architecture

  • Embarking on a site redesign project
  • Improving the navigation and terminology
  • Make the product more efficient to use
  • Validate the information architecture prior to launch