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Personas bring to life your typical customers or prospects, describing their habits, preferences, objectives, and goals when using your product or service. They also describe users’ major pain points and overall concerns and limitations.

Personas are a highly effective way to get product teams to focus on what really matters to the user. Personas are used as part of the design process, and help the product team consider what features or functionality matter most to the customer or prospect. Personas are based on field research, and validated with a large sample of customers or prospects.

What We Do

  • Analyze existing data about target users including market research findings, analytics, and usability reports
  • Conduct interviews with target users in the field to better understand their motivations, product usage, unmet needs, and barriers to adoption
  • Create personas based on interview and research results
  • Validate personas quantitatively with large sample size to ensure personas represent at 80% of customer base

When to Consider Personas

  • When you need to bring your product team together, focusing on the needs and desires of your target customers or prospects
  • When your user demographics have changed and you need a comprehensive picture of who your new users are
  • When you want to identify and prioritize new features and functionality