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Surveys take the pulse of the current experience with any product or services. Surveys utilize large sample sizes (hundreds to thousands) to reliably determine customer satisfaction, preferences, attitudes, and unmet needs.

The UXC regularly uses surveys to establish a baseline with a current experience, compare different designs or products, validate a design or product feature set, and to run a competitive assessment.

The UXC surveys using industry-leading tools such as Qualtrics and UserZoom. In addition, the UXC regularly uses various online panel companies as well as recruiters to target a representative sample of participants.

What We Do

  • Recruit and schedule representative users for the survey
  • Design and launch the survey
  • Perform in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis on the survey results
  • Present results to stakeholders with recommendations

When to Consider Surveys

  • Quantify baseline experience with a product or service
  • Measure visual appeal of competing designs
  • Identify unmet needs or interest level in various products or features
  • Run competitive assessments