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Usability Testing

The UXC is a world-class leader in usability testing. During the last 14 years the UXC has run hundreds of usability studies, with thousands of participants from every background imaginable.

The UXC houses two state-of-the-art usability labs to evaluate websites, software, mobile applications, enterprise applications, consumer products, and medical devices. Usability tests are also routinely conducted in the field, or remotely. The UXC routinely uses eye tracking as part of usability tests.

The UXC has extensive experience in evaluating designs at every stage of development – from rough sketches, to wireframes, partially interactive prototypes, to fully functional products. The UXC staff has had the opportunity to work across many industries, including financial services, e-commerce, publishing, education, healthcare, and technology.

When to Consider Usability Testing

  • When you are early in the design phase, you need to identify and correct the most significant user experience issues, prior to visual design and development begins
  • Later in the design phase when you need to identify and improve the user interactions
  • Validate a new design prior to launch
  • Benchmark the user experience of your site compared to the competition

What Usability Testing Involves

  • Recruit and schedule representative users
  • Develop a moderators guide based on project goals
  • Observe, evaluate, and document key usability issues
  • Provide video recordings of all sessions
  • Present results to key stakeholders – highlighting the biggest wins and pain points
  • Provide specific design recommendations, sometimes illustrated as a new wireframe design