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UX Strategy

The UXC helps clients shape their UX strategy, both for an individual project as well as the organization. The UXC understands that each client has different needs and is therefore creating unique strategies. The strategies created focus on metrics that tie in to the overarching business metrics such as Net Promoter Score.

A strategic vision is the foundation for creating a user-centered design culture. The User Experience Center therefore offers a variety of services to help integrate UX development processes in to a company’s organization.

What We Do

  • Work with senior management teams to build programs that communicate the mission of your UX strategy as well as metrics to measure and communicate results
  • Take an advisory role while working with design teams to support and guide them through the product development process
  • Create a plan of how to maximize UX insight with a given budget
  • Provide an activity roadmap for incorporating users’ needs as part of the design and development process
  • Identify key success factors and barriers to success
  • Establish iterative “checkpoints” for ensuring evolving efforts remain user-centered and goal-oriented
  • Serve as a unifying “reality check” for disparate program teams, including managers, thought leaders, developers, and marketers

When to Consider UX Strategies

  • When planning a new project. It is important to have the strategy done before the development starts so the user experience is considered throughout the project.
  • When refocusing the whole organization to be more user-centered. This is a larger process and it is important to have the strategy before the shift takes place.