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The UXC Offers Consulting Services in UX Research, Design & Strategy

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The Bentley User Experience Center (UXC) is a user experience research and strategy consultancy with a global client base in industries such as healthcare, financial services, and complex software. Our approach focuses on user-centered research and design methods that take into account our clients’ business and user experience goals, project timelines and budgets. With world-class lab facilities and an arsenal of rigorous research methods, we can help you create a user experience that gets results and takes your product and business to the next level.

Strategy and Support

Whether you are building your UX team, developing a product, or helping your internal UX team streamline and focus their processes, a strong user experience strategy is critical to business success in today’s increasingly fickle market. Our expert UX strategists can help you understand your users’ unmet needs, identify innovative directions, and prioritize your product roadmap to create a great user experience. (Read more in Strategy and Support)

Research and Evaluation

User research isn’t just about conducting usability tests or creating surveys; it’s about understanding what you need to know, and selecting the right method to find that answer. By pulling from our extensive research toolkit, combined with experience conducting both US-based and international studies, we can help you create a research plan that meets your needs. (Read more in Research and Evaluation)

Design and Innovation

We believe that successful design comes from a creative approach informed by research. Whether you’re in the earliest stages of innovation, sketching out initial design ideas, or updating an existing product or feature set, we can provide inspired solutions to your design challenges. The UXC staff is experienced in ideation, as well as in creating wireframes, interactive prototypes, and polished visual designs including style guides. (Read more in Design and Innovation)