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UX Benchmarking

Gain a Competitive Advantage in User Experience

UX Benchmarking

Benchmarking the user experience is essential for organizations that need quantitative validation that their product is going to meet or exceed user experience or business goals prior to release. Using technologies such as UserZoom, Qualtrics, and the Optimal Workshop suite of products, the UXC helps clients compare their user experience against competitors, track the UX performance of their product over time, and continually validate user experience improvements.

Representative UX Benchmarking projects include:

  • Helping a national chain of grocery stores assess the performance of their new information architecture against that of two major retailers.

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Recognized Experts in Usability Metrics

As recognized experts in the area of UX metrics and data analysis, we are able to use advanced methods to extract the most insight from the data collected.

When to Consider Benchmarking

  • When you need to compare your product against the competition
  • When you need to collect reliable metrics around the user experience of your product
  • When you need to track the user experience of your product over time
  • When you need bring in data about user attitudes and preferences into your design process

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