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Wireframes & Prototyping

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Wireframes and Prototypes

Wireframes and prototypes are a vital part of the design process. They provide ways to test and iterate designs with users prior to any development efforts. In addition, they allow for quick communication of content hierarchies, task flows, and documentation for development teams. At the User Experience Center, we work with a variety of popular prototyping tools, including Axure and Balsamiq Mockups. We also work with clients to conduct participatory design studios that can inform future iterations on a current design.

Recent projects include:

  • Creating a series of clickable wireframes, informed by rapid iterative user research, to demonstrate recommendations for a redesign of an industrial monitoring software package;
  • Helping a global healthcare company turn Photoshop mockups into a fully functional prototype for usability testing with medical professionals;
  • Working with a national insurance company to envision the next generation of their intranet, using a combination of field research and a fully interactive Axure prototype.

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This software system helps process control engineers monitor industrial valves across a variety of industries. With so much on the line, they needed a new design that made the most important data easy to find—while still giving them access to a rich library of reporting, analysis and adjustment tools.

World-class design expertise

Our team has experience in an extensive range of design activities, including ideation, brainstorming and high-level UI design for industries including enterprise software, imaging and financial services. We also develop strategic partnerships with top design firms across the world, both to help them validate their design solutions, and to provide additional services for UXC clients.

When do you need wireframes and prototypes?

  • When you are designing and developing a new product and need to expand your ideation and creative process.
  • When you are embarking on a new design initiative and need to illustrate various design concepts
  • When you need to document key workflows as part of a redesign effort
  • When you want to test with end users before investing development time