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Humanities Research Seminar

2016-2017 Seminar

This year's Research Seminar is exploring ways to address gender-related career barriers. The participants’ primary research fields are in gender studies, social psychology, organizational behavior, marketing and entrepreneurship. Legal and global studies views will also be incorporated with guest speakers.

The plan is to use different perspectives to produce a comprehensive model or roadmap, so to speak, for change. The separate sections of a book the group is creating will present different aspects of the roadmap. The interplay of environment (societal expectations, economy, etc.) and individual attitudes and behavior are a common theme throughout the book. They are the cogs that move the engine of change through time toward gender equality in the workplace. Thus, combining humanities approaches with the realities of organizations and business produces actionable solutions that are more likely accepted and implemented.


Coordinator of the Valente Humanities Seminar 2016 – 2017 is Susan Adams, Professor and Chair of Management.