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Opportunities in the Valente Center

The Valente Center offers a wide range of programs for both students and faculty including fellowships, semester- and year-long seminars, and support for undergraduate research. See the breakdown of current offerings below.

Faculty and Students

NEH-Supported Programs

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) honors Bentley University’s commitment to Arts & Sciences with $395,000 challenge grant to build endowment for new humanities programming. Visting Fellows and Scholars, the Humanities Research Seminar, and the Undergraduate Fellows Seminar are all made possible through the NEH and matching funds from generous donors. Read more about the NEH grant from this press release.

  • Visiting Fellows and Scholars: Faculty have the opportunity to recommend and host a visiting scholar to spend time at Bentley for either a short-term or long-term time in residence. These scholars are typically distinguished leaders in their fields and participate in the intellectual life of campus by offering workshops, lectures, seminars and guest lectures in classes.
  • Humanities Research Seminar: The Humanities Research Seminar is an academic yearlong seminar on an interdisciplinary theme, coordinated by a Bentley faculty fellow aiming to cultivate research by bringing together eminent scholars from across the greater Boston area and beyond. Seminars typically involve undergraduate students as for-credit participants, as well as graduate students among various fields.
  • Undergraduate Fellows Seminar: The Undergraduate Fellows Seminar is a semester-long three-credit seminar that brings together 15 highly motivated students and five professors from five different business and arts and sciences departments. The goal of the seminar is to model true academic study by reading and discussing significant books dealing with critical issues and enduring themes. Books are chosen to enrich participants’ understanding of society, business, the arts, politics, and the human condition. Professors and enrolled students are in the room at the same time for lunch over weekly double-block meetings, and all participants take equal responsibility for the conversation.
    • The Spring 2018 theme is "Exploring Human Morality" and will be lead by Bentley faculty members Elizabeth Brown, Cynthia Clark, Joannes (Hans) Eijmberts, and Christian Rubio. The primary texts for this course will be To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. Major topics that may emerge from the readings will revolve around themes of the dangers of utilitarianism and rationalism. The seminar meets Tuesdays from 11:00am to 1:50pm. The Valente Center provides lunch and covers the cost of all books as well as the cost of trips to local cultural events and/or dinners as selected by students and faculty.

Undergraduate Research Programs

  • Student Research Assistantships: Student Research Assistants (SRAs) work with faculty members for up to 120 hours over an academic year on faculty research projects. The program provides an opportunity for talented, industrious undergraduate students to work closely with faculty members in an area of special interest. The work includes summarizing or organizing research materials, contacting other scholars in the field of study, conducting literature reviews, performing laboratory experiments or other data collection, and other essential research functions. The Valente Center invites applications from faculty members in the arts and sciences for these assistantships. Students are then recruited by faculty members for positions.
  • Student Research Fellowships: Students can apply to work on a project of their choice with a faculty member serving as a mentor to provide guidance over the course of the year as the student independently undertakes his/her project. This is a paid research fellowship for students to pursue an arts and science focused research project for the academic year. 
  • Publish in Fusio, the Bentley Undergraduate Research Journal: Just launched in fall 2016, Fusio is an undergraduate research journal managed by the Honors Program, which highlights capstone papers, as well as other exceptional work by undergraduates whose research combines business and the arts and sciences.

Just for Faculty

  • Faculty Research Fellowships: Each year the Valente Center supports unique and rigorous disciplinary and transdisciplinary research projects by Bentley faculty members.
  • Bring Visitors to Campus: Faculty have to opportunity to bring visitors to campus, including guest speakers, and both short-term and long-term visiting scholars. The Valente Center regularly sponsors or co-sponsor visitors for talks, guest lectures, workshops, seminars, class visits, and more. Contact the Valente Center for more information if this sounds of interest.

Just for Students

  • The Albano Seminar Student Fellowship: Thanks to a generous donation from the Albano family, the Valente Center is able to offer support to Bentley undergraduates eager to deepen their understanding of the arts and sciences by organizing their own Student Seminars. These self-directed, not-for-credit seminars will allow small groups of students to explore their interest in drama, music, art, history, film, politics, government, math, and other topics clearly related to the arts and sciences.
  • Valente Center Student Ambassadors: Are you passionate about the arts and sciences or fusion? Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the Valente Center to the student population and directly engage students and other members of the Bentley community in Valente Center programs, seminars, and research opportunities. Ideal candidates will have established leadership qualities on campus, and a demonstrated curricular interest in the arts & sciences (A&S major, minor, or liberal Studies Major) and/or interest in the fusion of arts & sciences with business at Bentley. This volunteer position is a long-term leadership opportunity, with the goal of continued involvement throughout the student’s career at Bentley.