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Senior Research Associate

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Alastair McPherson

A. McPhersonMcPherson obtained his doctorate from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, and undertook post-doctoral studies as a Marie Cure Fellow at the Smurfit Graduate School of Business, University College Dublin. Most recently he has worked as the appraisal and evaluation manager for Scottish Enterprise, the lead economic development agency for Scotland. McPherson held the inaugural VIP International Fellowship at Bentley University, 2007.

McPherson has published and presented conference papers on a range of economic development and international human resource management topics and has most recently contributed to a range of capacity building events with the European Evaluation Society, HM Treasury, and local government authorities.

As a Bentley visiting research fellow, McPherson is active in the promotion of good practice in the assessment and evaluation of economic development through: research and methods development; promotion of networks and knowledge transfer; and, the development of training and capacity building measures. McPherson’s work takes place in the context of an increased focus on accountability in the public arena and ever-increasing demand for information about the design, delivery and results of economic development and regeneration interventions. Stakeholders are from a range of perspectives requiring better evidence to inform the allocation of limited resources.

Current and planned activities include professional networking and training events at Bentley (May 2009); participation in a number of applied research and evaluation projects investigating the application of good practice assessment techniques in areas such as Massachusetts Life Sciences Center cluster development, national and regional economic and innovation development initiatives, and assessment method development.