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Valente Center for Arts and Sciences Advisory Board

The Valente center’s advisory board meets twice a year, advises on programs and budget, and review faculty fellowship and student research assistant applications. The advisory board is made up of one representative from each arts and sciences department, and enables the center to transmit questions back to those departments for discussion. Membership is voluntary and rotating.  

The current [2013-2014] membership of the advisory board is:

Robert A. DeLeo, Global Studies

Ranjoo Herr, Philosophy

Angma Jhala, History

Anthony Kiszewski, Natural and Applied Sciences

Fred Ledley, Natural and Applied Sciences

Maritza Melendez-Lopez, Modern Languages

Ryan Miamis, Alumnus

Adam Payne, Arts & Lectures

Mihaela Predescu, Mathematical Sciences

Shivam Senjalia, Alumni

Jonathan White, Sociology and Service-Learning